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New Issue Service

I offer a new issue service in which I try to acquire every plate number, color and tagging variation. Of course, there is no guarantee. I have been able to supply most of my new issue customers with many of the FOP scarce numbers at new issue cost.

I search for very fine and better material only.

I do not require a deposit, request that payment be sent 10 days after receipt of the shipment.

You are required to take all strips sent. As a new issue subscriber, you are saving a substantial amount off of my retail list.

If you want to pick and choose your strips sent, then my new issue service is not for you.

All of my new issue shipments are sent out via insured mail, at my expense. Due to the large number of stamp shipments that have been lost in the mail, I have been forced to send all out via insured mail.

When new issue shipments reach $25 and above, they will be sent out.I send out all my new issue shipments at the same time.

New issue subscribers never pay shipping or handling for any orders.

New issue subscribers also receive the first opportunity to buy any constant plate variations or any other miscellaneous items that I acquire.